Google Search Tools You Can Use for Accurate Information

As part of International Fact-checking Day, Google shared Search tools that users can use to avoid disinformation.

As it is known, disinformation is the biggest curse of the internet. Therefore, it is of great importance for users to access accurate information. In this context, Google also shared the features that can be used in the Search section. These features, April 2 International fact-checking He brought it together with users within the scope of the day.

The features that Google shares to confirm information are not actually new. But two of them are now available all over the world in case.

“About this result” that lets you learn more about a site

When you do a search on Google, dozens of sites appear. However, some users cannot understand which of these sites are reliable. Available in 40 different languages.About this resultThe purpose of the ” feature is to solve this. It is also very easy to use. next to a site you come across as a result of the search. ellipsis You can use the feature when you click it. Google, it’s for you What you need to know about the site, history of the site and provides information on other topics.

“About this image” that shows you what you need to know about photos

Another feature is related to visuals. This feature, which is now available in different languages, can be accessed by clicking the link above the image. ellipsis You can access it when you press it. The “About this image” section is located under the feedback section.

The feature will provide you with many important details about the photos. For example, that image how old is it You will be able to find out. Other sites how he uses and describes the image can also be seen. It will even help you find the creators and publishers of the images. metadata It will even take place. Of course, this will not be valid for all, but only for those who are eligible.

Visual support has been added to Fact Check Explorer, which helps verify information.

The Fact Check Explorer tool, which is especially used by fact-checkers and journalists, has also been updated. You can reach here This tool enables verification of information through reviews by independent organizations around the world. With the new update, images can now be added. To do this, it is enough to copy the URL of that image and paste it into the tool. If it has been used for confirmation in the past, you will see the information you need.


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