Google Lens Will Soon Be able to Read Doctors’ Handwriting

At the event organized by Google today, it was announced that the “doctor handwriting” feature will soon be coming to Google Lens.

For many years, the doctor’s handwriting, which has been the most joked on the internet and in friends, has become so stereotyped in our country that people among the people say “Like doctor handwritingHe began to use the phrase ”. In fact, some pharmacists in our country cannot read these articles. even switched to barcode prescription system. Of course, these illegible handwritings are not only a problem in our country.

Google, on the other hand, introduced a new feature that will make this problem history at its event in India today. These articles that no one can read with Google Lens anymore with the help of artificial intelligence will be “deciphered” (!)

Developed with pharmacists

Google Lens, Google’s “Swiss army knife” application, could detect simple texts as well as many other features. At the Google event held in India today, able to detect complex handwriting It has been announced that an artificial intelligence module will be integrated into Lens. Although this artificial intelligence was developed to solve all handwriting, the main purpose of the project is to Reported to detect doctor handwriting and drug names.

At the event held in India, they announced that the feature is still in the early testing phase, but still working very well. A short video on how the feature works has also been released. The company’s India CEO, Ashwini Vaishnaw, spoke at the event for the development of this artificial intelligence. pharmacistsdoctors and other healthcare professionals, as well as individuals with poor handwriting announced that they are working.


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Although it is not yet announced when the feature will be available, you should not rely too much on such artificial intelligence-supported software at least in the first place and We recommend that you consult your doctor and pharmacists, regardless of what happens when taking medication..

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