Google DeepMind introduced its new artificial intelligence model Lyria

Finally this happened. Artificial intelligence has taken over the music world. Google DeepMind today introduced its newest artificial intelligence model called Lyria. The company explained that the model can produce high-quality vocals, lyrics and musical backing tracks that mimic the style of popular artists. Here are the details…

Google DeepMind introduced Lyria, a powerful artificial intelligence model that can make music, to the world!

DeepMind talked about new music creation experiments that will launch on YouTube Shorts. In addition, it also announced Lyria, a productive artificial intelligence algorithm that can make music. The company conducted experiments called Dream Track.

Thanks to this algorithm, Google DeepMind will allow creators and users to create 30-second songs sung in the voices of popular artists. These artists include famous names such as Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Sia, T-Pain, Troye Sivan and more.

Gene scanning will be done: Google DeepMind will be able to diagnose diseases in advance!

Gene scanning will be done: Google DeepMind will be able to diagnose diseases in advance!

Google DeepMind could speed up the search for disease-causing genes. So how will he do this? Here are the details…

DeepMind thinks these projects will open a playground for creativity. Additionally, the company claims that this algorithm will help artists connect with fans. Thus, this algorithm will serve as a bridge between artists and their fans.

Jim Fan, a research scientist at NVIDIA AI, went one step further. X shared a post on the subject on the social media application formerly known as Twitter. In his post “The most impressive demo is turning the hum into a full suite of instruments. “I think Lyria will unlock all the operators we are used to in display models.” said.

Without a doubt, Lyria and other AI tools like it will be a game changer for the music industry. Google will make radical changes in the music world with its new artificial intelligence algorithm.

Additionally, this move strengthens Google’s position as a pioneer of productive artificial intelligence applications. It also shows how AI can extend creative processes beyond the realm of technology.

Google, “As we move forward, we must ensure that music creation tools are developed responsibly.we will. Also this We will determine the standard for its implementation. This “We will continue to bring together artists, the music industry and the wider creative community.” said.

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