Google Announces MusicLM That Turns Text To Music

Google introduced MusicLM, its artificial intelligence that works in a similar way to DALL-E 2 and turns what you write into music.

Especially with the emergence of Midjourney, DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT, the whole world saw what artificial intelligence actually developed. In addition to artificial intelligence that transforms text into images capable of dubbing moviespreparing designs for you, imitating your voice in a few seconds even lawyer in court even artificial intelligence appeared.

On the other hand, although not very popular, artificial intelligence supported music programs It’s slowly starting to draw attention. Google, on the other hand, intends to make an ambitious entry into this sector with its new artificial intelligence introduced today.

You can make music just by typing

Google’s new artificial intelligence called MusicLM actually works in a very similar structure to DALL-E 2. However, this time, instead of appearing in front of you as a visual, what you wrote. turns out to be music. At this point, if you want to create a rhythm with a single instrument, you can either you can prepare a completely finished piece.

When we look at MusicLM’s Github page, you can see some case studies prepared for artificial intelligence by the Google AI team. Although the artificial intelligence still under development cannot give some sounds clearly, Hi-Fi So let’s say it’s high resolution. It is also stated that by combining this artificial intelligence with ChatGPT, much more detailed and original music can be prepared.

You can hum instead of typing.

Keunwoo Choi, one of the Google AI engineers who developed the project, states that MusicLM emerged with the combination of 4 different artificial intelligence models. MuLan, AudioLM, w2v-BERT and SoundStream Each of these models has its own specific tasks. When all these models are combined MusicLM emerges.

Also MusicLM It can also turn the sounds you hum into a song.. At this point, artificial intelligence, which was far ahead of its rivals, started to receive reactions from musicians, just like the reactions to DALL-E 2.


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If you want to listen and examine the music and “sounds” prepared by this artificial intelligence, which is still in the testing phase, located here You can use the link.

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