Google accounts will now support passkey

Google is making a big change in the way you log in to user accounts. Starting today Googleas the default sign-in method from all users passkey instead of password It will ask you to use (pass key). So what is passkey and how to use it?

Google accounts will be logged in with passkey instead of password

Passkeys aims to replace passwords by leveraging users’ pre-set biometric authentication, or PIN. With Passkeys, accounts will be stored on the user’s device and thus cryptographically protected.

With Google’s new decision, users will have to authenticate with fingerprint, facial recognition or PIN instead of a password to log in. This will make the login process both easier and more secure.

Is the era of DuckDuckGo starting instead of Google on iPhones?

Is the era of DuckDuckGo starting instead of Google on iPhones?

Apple teams up with DuckDuckGo for Safari Private Browsing. He wanted to make it the default search engine instead of Google.

The most important point for Passkeys is that the keys are account specific. This prevents a possible breach on one site from blocking other services.

Google stated that pass keys are resistant to attacks such as phishing and are more secure than single-use codes. Even if a website is hacked, users’ other information will not be accessible thanks to the passkey.

Google Chrome

Passkeys becoming default means that Google accounts will be opened with a passkey specific to each device. However, users who wish can continue to use a password by changing their account settings.

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