Good News for the Shiba Inu Community: This Development Will Facilitate the Growth of Meme Coin!

Shib Association shared its latest updates regarding the operations and future developments of the blockchain. For context, Shib Association is community-oriented Shiba Inu It is a new initiative launched by burn follower ‘Shibburn’. Notably, Shibburn introduced the association last month. Additionally, it will facilitate SHIB’s growth through the launch of significant developments, utilities and innovative solutions. stated.

The association said it will create a private blockchain focused solely on SHIB. He noted that the network will not support any other Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens.

Shiba Inu Development of Focused Blockchain Started

Shibburn’s Alex said in a long X post that the Shib Association team has already determined the architecture of the blockchain and development has begun.

Alex stated that his old friend, a former employee of Google, “will get things started with blockchain and get it ready for GitHub.”

He stated that some developers contacted him and were willing to contribute to the blockchain.

“This modern blockchain will be an open source project and will follow the Proof-of-Participation consensus model. “A repository will soon be available on Github where anyone can contribute,” he added.

Other Updates on Blockchain As we reported Shibarium Like, Alex also stated that the upcoming blockchain will burn SHIB. However, it did not explain how to burn the tokens.

Additionally, Shib Association will not have a dedicated Telegram or Discord channel. He noted that the only platform where the community can interact with each other is through a page on X, which will be created later this week.

Shib Association is also planning to launch its website and has already registered two domain names for it.

Alex cautioned that the blockchain does not have any native tokens other than SHIB. He further added that the team does not plan to launch a new token in the future.

Meanwhile, Alex’s sister will manage the Shib Association’s official X account and keep the community updated going forward.

Difference Between Blockchain and Shibarium Based on Shibburn

It is worth noting that the upcoming blockchain is different from Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s official Layer 2 scaling network.

BONE is used as Shibarium’s official gas token. On the other hand, users of the upcoming Shib Association network will pay transaction fees with SHIB.

Shib Association has not announced whether the blockchain will be a fork of Shibarium or any other leading blockchain. Meanwhile, the team plans to share more updates about the project in the near future.

Source : The Crypto Basic

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