Good News for Cryptocurrency Companies from France: The Expected Vote Has Taken

The French Senate softened its stance on the licensing of crypto companies operating in the country as a result of the pressures of the crypto money ecosystem with the new vote.

Member of the French Senate Finance Committee in December last year Herve Maurey, cryptocurrency companies He had submitted a motion to parliament to repeal a clause that allowed him to operate without a license. However, due to heavy conditions, the French National Assembly January 24 As a result of the voting on the date of the crypto money companies operating in France, the country Obligation to obtain a special cryptocurrency license It took the decision to soften the calls for it with the vote.

Parliament allows cryptocurrency companies to be subordinated to the country’s financial authority. (AMF) In addition to registering, from 2024 to consumer protection laws decided to adapt. Motion 61 for, 33 against passed by vote.

ecosystem actors difficult is also granted to be subject to licensing. very limited in time mentioned that. One of the architects of change Senator Labaronne He made the following statements on the subject:

France’s own private crypto license as other EU members prepare for MiCA make it mandatory to bring consumers to the goal of protection in reaching ineffective will be. For future records with this change we will make more reliable accessing the actors registration only and obtaining a full cryptocurrency license from AMF. middle way We will prefer.

With the new decision taken, the license requirements were previously met. to be heavy Due to this reason, companies operating in the country and continuing their operations only by registering with AMF, crypto money companies will be able to continue their activities.

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