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Their appearance was THE whispering theme …

When the singer Maite Kelly (41) was on stage on Saturday evening in the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”, the TV viewers were a bit confused. The otherwise tough ex-jury member from DSDS appeared strangely slinky and no longer so self-confident when talking to the host.

With the live spectacle on ZDF, presenter Giovanni Zarrella (43) celebrated his debut as a show master. Even at the opening act, the musician worked hard, sang, danced and announced his stars at the same time. When the audience didn’t want to stop clapping, Zarrella joked: “Friends, I’m not Gottschalk. I am not allowed to overdo it. “

Big names like Andrea Berg (55), Nino de Angelo (57), Pietro Lombardi (29), Álvaro Soler (30) and soprano Sarah Brightman (61) were on the guest list. Giovanni’s family celebrated the live show premiere in the audience. The host called out to his wife, presenter Jana Ina (44), from the stage: “My greatest love. The love of my life!”

Giovanni Zarrella has been married to the Brazilian model Jana Ina for 16 yearsPhoto: Getty Images

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The appearance of Maite Kelly caused a lot of amazement on Twitter. The singer performed two songs from her new stage program. She represented a wind-up doll, initially carrying a large, glowing red heart in front of her chest.

“The unique Maite Kelly!” Zarella cheered when the last note had faded away. Then he led her almost slowly by the hand to the talk corner, warned on the way: “Be careful here again.” The singer breathed gratefully: “You’re helping me.”

And it got even stranger. In the interview, she spoke in an unusually childlike voice, told excitedly about the heart: “It had been in the camp for two years and no longer worked. And your crew, ten people, were on the heart yesterday to make it shine again. “Kelly said about the performance in the same tone, while her voice began to tremble:” For me the stage was always an overcoming, even today. But I noticed that I have to get back on the horse. “

Maybe Maite was particularly excited on the live show. She had never presented the songs like this before. It is also possible that Kelly simply continued to play her stage role as a wind-up doll. In any case, the Twitter users weren’t really smart about their appearance.