Giant Crypto Wallet Company Issued a Warning for These 3 Altcoins!

Cryptocurrency wallet provider Ledger warns Ethereum, Polygon and BSC account holders. Ledger says the “coupon” NFTs arriving in users’ accounts contain malicious links.

Crypto wallet provider warns 3 altcoin users

Ledger warns this group of users to be wary of fraudulent “coupon” NFTs sent to their accounts. According to the cryptocurrency wallet provider, these contain malicious links designed to trick users. Thus, it aims to enable users to reveal 24-word recovery phrases. In this context, Ledger issued the following warning through the X account:

Scam alert: Beware of fraudulent “voucher” NFTs sent to your Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC accounts. These carry malicious links designed to trick you into giving your 24-word recovery phrase. NEVER share your testimony with anyone. How can you stay safe?

1- Do not try to send the NFT.

2- Right click on the NFT and select Hide.

Warning: These NFT coupons are scams!

According to Ledger, users may receive unsolicited NFT airdrops that look like coupons and guarantee free money when used on a third-party website. The crypto wallet provider says these NFT coupons are scams. It also notes that these often contain links to third-party websites. That’s why As we reported, it warns users about this.

In this scam, users are tricked into visiting third-party websites or applications. Here they are asked to explain their 24-word recovery phrase or sign a malicious transaction with their Ledger device, giving the fraudster access to their account.

What to do to stay safe

Ledger specifically warns users not to reveal the 24-word recovery phrase to anyone. Additionally, the crypto wallet company reminds them not to type on any website or app. Additionally, it outlines steps they should take to stay safe, such as not trying to send or burn the NFT and instead right-clicking on the NFT and selecting the “hide” option.

In summary, users need to take these steps when they encounter an unsolicited NFT coupon containing these links. The first step is to avoid any interaction with malicious NFT-related links or websites. Second, they should not send the NFT to another account or printer address. Because this could cause contact with the underlying smart contract of the NFT, which could be malicious and compromise the user’s account. Finally, they need to hide the NFT in Ledger Live by right-clicking on it and selecting “Hide NFT Collection”.

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