Giant Crypto Exchange Supports New Token for Metaverse Project: Transactions Start On This Date!

The leading centralized KuCoin crypto exchange is a metaverse focused crypto- announced that he supports the project Root Network (ROOT). The exchange stated that the addition of the ROOT token to its Spot trading platform reflects its desire to diversify the assets available for trading. This list will be available on KuCoin’s official blog and on the X platform on Monday, November 20. announced. As we reported, according to the announcement, investors in the Root Network can now redeem their ROOT tokens. KuCoin They can deposit it to the trading platform immediately. KuCoin stated that it only accepts ROOT deposits over the supported network: Ethereum’s ERC20.

The announcement also emphasized that although trading began on November 21, the withdrawal of ROOT tokens will officially begin the next day, on November 22. The trading pair for ROOT on the KuCoin spot platform is “ROOT/USDT”, which is the Tether (USDT) stablecoin.

Meanwhile, KuCoin has issued a cautionary note regarding ROOT withdrawals. “When trying to withdraw your ROOT tokens from KuCoin, please use an ERC20 wallet and not your FuturePass address,” the statement stated.

For those who don’t know, the Root Network is a new Layer One designed to function as the central hub for the open metaverse, facilitating connections between various entities. Designed specifically for the open metaverse, Root Network includes core user experience (UX) and digital content-focused protocols. These protocols are designed to promote a seamless user experience and open metaverse It is designed to support advanced asset interoperability in the environment.

Root Network, in particular, joins the rapidly expanding list of crypto projects that the leading crypto exchange platform has supported recently. Other listed projects include Shrapnel (SHRAP), Atem Network, and KlubCoin (KLUB).

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