General Electric’s new name has been announced!

World-famous engine manufacturer General Electric has made a change in its brand name. With this change, which is a wink to the projects that the company plans to launch in the future, the name of the brand has changed. So what is the new name of General Electric? Here are the details…

F-16, F-35, MMU KAAN etc. Many warplanes you can think of take to the skies with engines from General Electric. Some used GE engines in mass production, while others used them in the testing phases. However, in the general picture, the names of many warplanes were mentioned together with the GE brand.

In this context, we often heard the name of the National Combat Aircraft KAAN, one of Turkey’s domestic defense industry projects, with General Electric. As it is known, in the process of entering the domestic engine to be produced by TEI into the mass production line, MMU KAAN is taken to the skies by the F110 Turbofan Engine produced by General Electric.

Cut decision for MMU KAAN rival Korean KF-21!

Cut decision for MMU KAAN rival Korean KF-21!

Interrupted production decision has been made for MMU KAAN and F-35’s South Korean rival, KF-21! So what’s the real reason? Here are the details…

The new name of the General Electric brand is now GE Aerospace happened. The name changes made by companies do not mean much to many of our readers. However, the fact that a company that has produced many warplane engines in its history uses the name “aerospace” in its new name actually gives us great messages.

In English, “aerospace” actually has a broad meaning. Let us remind you that although some of them make Turkish translations as only aviation, the real translation is “aviation and space”. In this context, let us inform you that General Electric is preparing for the “space age” and that serious scale projects will come in the future.

So what do you think about the new name move made by General Electric? What do you think is the real message the company wants to give? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments section. For more content, you can visit our YouTube channel ShiftDelete.Net…

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