Gamers experienced: All Call of Duty games are coming to Xbox Game Pass!

Microsoft with Activision between 69 billion The countdown has now begun for the dollar purchase agreement to become official. The two companies, which experienced serious difficulties due to the investigations of the regulatory authorities during this period, have apparently started to put things back on track and, according to the latest information, are preparing to finalize the agreement by October 18. However, an important development recently occurred that made Xbox Game Pass subscribers very happy.

Call of Duty games are coming to Xbox Game Pass

Game Pass Game Pass Tracker, known for its leaks and news about the to official shedding shared an important development in the process. Accordingly, very soon all call of Duty games To the Game Pass library will be added.

The way this news emerged is also quite interesting. Because when a player goes to the Microsoft Store to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops II, “Get this item for FREE with your game subscription!” (Game Pass) Pay and it’s yours forever!” He is faced with an expression like this. Although there is no official statement on the subject yet, this is an indication that Activision is working to bring the Call of Duty series to the Xbox Game Pass service.

New games coming to Xbox Game Pass announced

New Xbox Game Pass games have been announced for console, PC and Cloud, including Gotham Knights, Party Animals and Payday 3.

Let us note that the shared screenshot belongs to a Brazilian user. On the other hand, it is worth adding that when we follow the same steps, we do not see such a notification at the moment. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a regional experiment.

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