Former OpenAI CEO Splits Polygon-Based Platform in Two: $200 Thousand Bet!

Investors were further confused as former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s media agenda increased speculation about whether he would return to his former position.

He was recently fired as CEO of OpenAI and Microsoft Sam Altman, who was rumored to be working with Whether he will return to his old company The issue became a betting agenda among investors.

Polygon (MATIC) There are bets on Sam Altman’s return to his former job at Polymarket, which offers the opportunity to bet on such media events on its network. for 200 thousand dollars While reaching investors indecisiveness It did not go unnoticed.

In Polymarket “Sam returns as OpenAI CEO” bet “Yes” side’s rate is currently from $0.53 is traded, which means Altman’s chances of returning 53% It represents a market belief that But this rate is approximately 1 diary before just like 4%almost impossible” was at the point.

The bets, which have been turned upside down in parallel with the developments, currently continue to maintain their weight that Sam may return to the OpenAI CEO position.

While investors remain undecided about whether Sam will return or not, it is still unclear in which direction the developments will evolve. The bets on Sam are already 250 thousand dollars It managed to exceed the volume and left all other bets behind.

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