Former Executive of FTX USA Raises $5 Million for New Startup

Brett Harrison, ex-president of FTX USA, has raised $5 million for a new cryptocurrency startup.

Former manager of FTX USA Architect is a startup that can be used by large-scale investors and institutional investors. develops trading software.

Part of the $5 million investment Architect has received, From Coinbase Ventures and Circle Ventures is coming.

Architect, together with the software it has developed, enable you to trade more easily on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. wants to provide.

The company also “to regain the self-confidence of trading in this sector” it’s working. While the product in question is scheduled to be ready in the second quarter of the year, Harrison expects this software to be integrated into Coinbase and Circle’s platforms.

Other names who have invested in Architect include Anthony Scaramucci, SALT Fund, SV Angel, Third Kind Venture Capital and Motivate Venture Capital.

Harrison shared on social media on January 14, that he had a hard time finding investors for Architect due to his ties to FTX in the past. he had said.

Harrison also shared a series of tweets last week, saying about FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried:

“Information that has been made public so far shows that what has been done is run over Sam and his close associates at FTX and Alameda. Me and the other executives at FTX USA were not part of it. Now I understand why they hide their crimes from us. (Because) we have an extensive network professionally and channels of communication with regulators in the US.”

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