Forget the VR glasses! Put LED screen on your eyes with this lens

With the start of the metaverse frenzy To VR/AR glasses demand increased. But smart contact lenses A manufacturing company has designed a new lens against bulky glasses. This technology, which works similar to VR glasses, places a micro LED screen above the eye.

Smart contact lens features with micro LED display

based in the USA Mojo Vision named firm, contact lenses with micro LED display It was first revealed at CES 2020. In the new announcement by the company, it was stated that smart contact lenses could be tested by humans in the near future. The lens placed in the pupil has a working principle similar to VR glasses.

Tested by Mojo Vision CEO Drew Perkins, the lens with a micro LED display can work without any cable connection. The technical features of the lens, on the other hand, draw attention to the greatly reduced micro LED screen. This screen, which includes 14 thousand pixels per inch, 250 x 250 pixels resolution and only 0.02 inch around. In other words, it can sit on the pupil of the eye perfectly.

Meta is quite ambitious about the virtual universe!

Meta is quite ambitious about the virtual universe!

Meta and a group of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin start working together on the metaverse virtual universe

Mojo Vision, which has been performing tests on augmented reality since 2015, of ARM takes it from the chip. LED display lens “from micro battery” although it is fed, how long the battery life is not shared.

The biggest innovation of the company’s latest prototype is eye tracking had the ability. This allows virtual objects to be combined with the real world. Perkins, CEO of Mojo Vision, said in his blog post:

After completing preclinical testing and reducing potential safety risks, I put on the Mojo Lens. I found it very pleasing to be able to navigate Maps, watch videos and interact with the teleprompter on the screen.

Mojo Vision has started meeting with the US regulatory agency (FDA) to conduct tests on humans. If everything goes well, the company can use within 10 years told.

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