Finland’s Tradition of Equality to its People for Years

For years, we envied the Finnish people after reading the book titled “In the Land of White Lilies” by the Russian writer Grigory Petrov, which Atatürk strongly recommended. Today, we will examine the Baby Box Project, which is one of the traditional moves of Finland, a country that we still admire in almost every aspect, on equality.

United Nations 2018-2021 in reports published between Finland the happiest country in the world was declared. Today, Finland, which we envy in many ways, offers many social opportunities to its citizens. One of these possibilities is Baby Box Project. When we get to know this project, also known as the Baby Package or the Mother Package, we see that the project is actually more than a box.

The Baby Box Project was first implemented in Finland in 1938. Today 83 years of continuous this state project has almost become a tradition. For 83 years, every mother has been given a baby box as a gift before birth. This tradition in Finland is also shown as a symbol of equality.

Why did Finland need the Baby Box Project?

There were several reasons for the start of this project in 1938. Foremost among these reasons 80% rural area The main problem was the inability to track births in Finland. Untraceable births were troubling the Finnish Government. But the cause of this ailment was not an uncontrolled population explosion, but a high death rate in births.

At that time, 80% of mothers gave birth at home and 6% of babies before they reach one year old was losing his life. Investigating the cause of these deaths, the state is behind most of the deaths. health and hygiene issues he saw it. After that, the state found the solution in the baby boxes and the baby tracking system, the value of which corresponded to 1/3 of the minimum wage at that time. In this way, the mothers did not interrupt the doctor’s checks before and after the birth, and the babies started to say “hello” to a more comfortable life. In this way, infant mortality rates decreased in a short time.

Even if infant deaths were prevented over time, the Finnish Government continued this tradition. Because, thanks to this project, in a sense, every baby was saying “hello” to the world on equal terms. Babies of a rich family and babies of a low-income family He wore the same clothes and slept in the same bed. This ensured equality vaccinations for Finnish babies from birth.

A few details about the Baby Box acquisition process

Baby Box

First of all, you must be naturally pregnant in order to qualify for a Baby Box. Finland when your pregnancy has been confirmed by a healthcare provider to Neuvola, a special health system for mothers you are registering. A nurse is assigned to each mother registered with Neuvola and this nurse; with both mother and baby up to 6 years old is interested in everything. After registering with Neuvola, you go to regular check-ups. your pregnancy in the fifth month You have acquired the Baby Box right and the Finnish State delivers the Baby Box as a gift to your address.

You don’t have to be a Finnish citizen or have lived in Finland for years to have a Baby Box. If you follow the above process Anyone living in Finland can enjoy this right. Baby Box, which is very popular in the world, was sent by Finland as a gift to the Obama Family and the British Royal Family. Unfortunately, only a few families benefited from this exception.

What’s in the box?

Baby Box

First of all, the products in the box are updated every year due to the feedbacks of the mothers and the developing health sector. For example, bottles and pacifiers that were in the Baby Box until 2000 were removed from the box in 2000. For the baby, the healthiest diet is breast milk shown.

The box contains; winter overalls, a few booties / socks and gloves, baby blanket, beanie, slobber cleaning cloth, overalls with many seasonal features, thermometer, thermometer, toothbrush, mother’s pad, breast cream, breast pad, brush, condom, baby nail clippers, clips, socks, underwear, lots of baby body, books for babies, baby towels, changing diapers, sheets and bedspreads, apron, toys, multifunctional sleeping bag, baby quilt, baby bed linen, pajamas There are different kinds of baby pants and a box used as baby swaddle. Box contents all products are unisex So it’s suitable for both boys and girls.

The annual cost of the products in the box to the state varies between 9 and 11 million Euros. Items in the box, a baby’s up to at least one year old capable of meeting all your needs. Some products are even suitable for later use. In addition, since the Baby Box is a traditional project, the spiritual value of the box is also very high.

Is there a Baby Box for us too?


Baby Box has become so popular that; Some countries such as the USA, England, Argentina and Estonia tried Baby Box in their countries, but none of them were sustainable. Due to the popularity of Baby Box, some e-commerce sites do not live in Finland but have a Between 250 and 600 Euros for families who want to have a Baby Box Baby Box offers services that they can buy.

What about you Finland? Baby Box What do you think about the policy? How do you think such a project will pay off in our country? You can specify in the comments.


Finland, the Happiest Country in the World, Will Teach Everyone About Happiness

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