Files Backed up to Google Drive Started Disappearing!

There is a data loss problem in the desktop version of Google Drive. Google is aware of the situation and continues its work. However, it is not known how to solve the error.

Cloud-based storage service of US-based technology giant Google Google Drive, is on the agenda with an important issue. Some users using the desktop version of the service may have problems with the files they upload to the platform. not being able to reach they started. Aware of the situation, Google started an investigation on the issue.

According to the information obtained, file loss from Google Drive is not a new problem. According to user reports May 2023 The uploaded data suddenly disappeared. However, both users and Google have now noticed this problem. Moreover, the methods offered by Google officials to recover lost files did not work. Sharing on Google forums hundreds of peoplethey declare that they suffer from the same problem.

According to Google, there is a synchronization problem

According to the statement made by Google, the error that caused the destruction of user documents is in the desktop application versions coded and synchronization error. However, it is not yet known how to fix this problem and restore user data. If you have lost some of your data on Google Drive, other than waiting You have no solution.


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Meanwhile; Google explained what users who lost data should not do. According to Google, the link in the desktop application will be disabled until the issue is resolved. not to cut It is necessary. Also, playing with folders in Google Drive is not a very logical move at the moment. In addition to all this, users can also access the following folders on their computers: not to intervene It is necessary. However, copying the folders whose locations we have shared below will delete the remaining data until the problem is resolved. can prevent.

  • For Windows: “Username”AppDataLocalGoogleDriveFS
  • For macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS

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