Fatih Altaylı Explains Why Turks Are Given Less Visa

Journalist Fatih Altaylı, in his new column, shared information about why Turks have been given fewer visas lately. According to Altaylı, a diplomat from Europe stated that the reason for this was the number of immigrants in Turkey.

Recently, many Turkish citizens want to go to Europe. can’t get visa had begun to report. Last week, the data shared by Ekonomim showed that Turkey was the country that received the most rejections in Schengen applications. It was even seen that the rejection rate was 5 times higher than the embargoed Russia.

If today Fatih Altaylipublished an article on his website. The famous journalist’s column titled “How much have you lied to us” also touched upon the visa issue.

According to a European official interviewed by Fatih Altaylı, the reason why visas are not issued is the high number of immigrants.

Pointing out that the European Union consulates in Turkey issue visas to Turkish citizens at a much lower rate compared to the past, Altaylı stated that a while ago, a Turkish-friendly senior diplomat of a major European country asked a question about this issue.

According to the famous journalist, this diplomat confirmed that fewer visas were issued; but he stated that this is not about the Turks. Accordingly, the reason behind the visa issuance is in Turkey. large number of immigrants to be. The full response of the diplomat as quoted by Altaylı is as follows;

True, we approve visa applications at a lower rate than before. However, I want you to know that this is not a situation with Turks. We issue fewer visas because there are a large number of immigrants in Turkey. Some of these immigrants, whose number we do not know, were also granted Turkish citizenship.

It is known that Turkey’s procedures for granting citizenship are not scrutinized. For this reason, our visa offices have to conduct a much tighter security investigation in applications than in the past. The burden that this puts on us is quite high. Therefore, as soon as there is even the slightest question mark, visa refusal has become a much easier option.

On the other hand, it is no secret that many international criminals have become entrenched in Turkey. If you add to this the problems that Turkish citizens, whose desire to go to Europe permanently due to the political environment in Turkey, are likely to create for us, you will understand why visa is more difficult than before.

Turkish citizens who have visa problems should ask the Turkish government, not us.”

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Turkey’s Rejection Rate in Schengen Applications Is 5 Times More Than Even Russia’s Embargoed

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