Famous Cryptocurrency Phenomenon Arrested in the USA, Coin Price Crashed: There is an Explanation!

Youtuber and cryptocurrency analyst Ben Armstrong, famous as BitBoy, was arrested during his live broadcast.

Cryptocurrency phenomenon Ben Armstrong was arrested by US law enforcement. Gwinnett County Sheriff’s DepartmentIn the record on the official website of Benjamin Charles Armstrong His arrest has been confirmed. The arrest took place during Armstrong’s live broadcast, which attracted attention.

famous phenomenon 26 September on social media on the day in sharingstated that he will broadcast live from a very special location on YouTube soon:

I will be going live soon from a very special location on YouTube, so get ready. This will be a good release.

Live in about an hour broadcasting blooming and NFT investor Carlos Diaz Armstrong, who started speaking aggressively in front of his house, soon made interesting statements. Angrily shouting on the air and Diaz own luxury vehicle And He confiscated many cryptocurrencies from previous agreements. Armstrong continued his violent speeches.

Armstrong, Diaz Connections to the Houston mafia He claimed that they wanted to kill him.

Approximate live broadcast Police intervened in the incident at the 17th minute. happened and told Armstrong whether there is a gun asked. Armstrong, who stated that he did not carry a gun on him but had a gun in his vehicle, was arrested by the police in a short time for an unknown reason.

Phenomenon Armstrong recently to x (formerly Twitter) return post to share continued. Armstrong, who gave details about the events, talked about some of his former colleagues and HitNetwork He accused the heads of the project of being members of a criminal organization.

In the past period on BitBoy Crypto Armstrong, who continued his work, had to leave his job at BitBoy Crypto as a result of arguments with his teammates.

BEN token, which was launched by Armstrong earlier this year, increased by approximately 30% losing value 0.00000002140 from dollars 0.00000001515 fell to the dollar level. ME while writing From $0.00000001664 finds buyers.

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