Famous Analyst Announces the Level That Must Be Exceeded for a 40 Percent Rise in Ethereum!

Cryptocurrency analyst DonAlt shared his 40% rise expectation for Ethereum (ETH).

DonAlt, which stands out with its successful predictions specifically for altcoins, is on the current YouTube broadcast. Ethereum He shared an exciting goal for you. Ethereum currently A critical resistance at $2,500 Stating that he is positioned at the level, the analyst said that if this level breaks upwards, A move towards $3,500 is inevitable told.

On the other hand, this movement Finally a comeback in ETH/BTC parity Arguing that this could mean, DonAlt emphasized that if this happens, the altcoin market will gain strength in general.

Towards Ethereum’s next resistance 40% While he stated that it has a share, Bitcoin is in the same region. 27% Noting that it has a leeway, Ethereum is in this scenario have more earning potential He pointed out that:

I look at the ETH/USD pair on a weekly basis and if it moves above $2,500 to $2,550, I think there is a world where ETH will start to squeeze even the Bitcoin pair. This is a pretty big move. This would basically be a 40% move. There is a 40% move towards resistance in Ethereum and a 27% move towards resistance in Bitcoin so you could argue that you actually have a bit more potential in Ethereum if this breakout occurs. This is a difficult and risky transaction, but I think it is not the worst transaction in the world.

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