Facebook and Ray-Ban Introduced the Best Smart Glasses in History

Ray-Ban, one of the world’s most popular sunglasses brands, has teamed up with Facebook, which also owns Instagram, to produce the best smart glasses we’ve ever seen. It seems that you will no longer need to take your phone out of your pocket to share.

After the Google Glass fiasco, smart glasses aren’t getting most people seriously excited, but they will be the next launch of the wearables category. This trend, which started with Huawei – Gentle Monster glasses at very high prices in our country, actually diversifies with more examples abroad. Snapchat, for example, has been around for a long time with Spectacles glasses. However, there is a big obstacle in front of companies that produce smart glasses: the ecosystem.

Facebook, the owner of Instagram and WhatsApp, that is, the social media throne, seems to have succeeded in passing all the obstacles for smart glasses by partnering with Ray-Ban. Introduced by the CEOs of the two companies in person Ray Ban StoriesA device that runs all of Facebook’s social media apps like an operating system.

Fortunately, you can now wear a stylish Go-Pro on your head: Ray-Ban Stories, Facebook’s smart glasses, look exactly like this

So it’s hard to see anything at first glance, because in terms of design, the classic lines of Ray-Ban are adhered to. However, the technical features and possibilities of the device are truly It would be a stylish competitor to the Go-Pro. is showing. The most basic function without the need for a phone There are 2 cameras with 5 MP resolution in the glasses, which is to record and share the moments we live – optionally.

Working in integration with Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook applications, Stories can record Full HD videos and take photos in a quality that can be called close to 4K resolution.. Sensitive to light and movement in the environmentImages are transferred to the screens as a reflection of what we see directly.

Stories, which can be controlled thanks to the touch areas on the handles, thanks to the speaker on it. listening to music and making phone calls also provides. There is also a noise canceling feature that is responsible for transmitting your voice clearly during phone calls.

Facebook Assistant, which you can install on the phone with the glasses, gives you instant access to all the photos and videos recorded on the glasses. After saying “Hey Facebook” Voice commands to take videos and photos can be given. Stories, which has 6 different color options and 4 different classic Ray-Ban bodies, is of course charged as soon as it is put in its box.

Stories, which is only available in the USA and Canada for $300 for now, seems to soon find its place in the eyes of many Instagram phenomena in most countries. Of course, before that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s “privacy” images will need serious recovery.