Experiment in which a dead dog came back to life with an autoprojector device

Bringing a dead person back to life, whether human or animal, is undoubtedly one of the things most of us want. Well, what if we told you that this has actually been possible before in a living creature?

The concept of bringing a dead creature back to life; It is frequently the subject of movies, TV series and books. Among these, the one we all know best is Frankenstein.

In short, yes; This type of situation may be the subject of movies or books, but the reality? That too was done! If you are ready; He managed to bring a dead dog back to life thanks to the machine he developed. Let’s dive deeper into the story of the Soviet scientist.

A scientist named Sergeevich Brukhonenko broke new ground in 1928.

Many experiments and inventions made in the Soviet Union were astonishing and contributed greatly to the advancement of science and technology. The interesting and incredible experiment of the Soviet scientist Sergei Sergeevich Brukhonenko, which we will talk about, was one of them.


Those who need to bring a dead dog back to life; It was a machine called an “autoprojector” with a dog head and two pumps. Consisting of a venous and arterial double linear diaphragm pump, autoinjector, a heart-lung machine that exchanges oxygen with a water tank; It was sending oxygenated blood to the dog’s head.


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The killed dogs were connected to this machine 10 minutes later.

The autoinjector slowly returned blood to the animal’s circulation. A few minutes later, the heart began to fibrillate and to normal rhythm was returning. Breathing was also becoming active in the same way. Brukhonenko used 13 different dogs in his experiments, and 12 of them came back to life within 10 minutes of being killed.

In fact, one of the dogs connected to this artificial blood circulation machine, a few slices of cheese He could even eat it. But of course, they couldn’t survive forever with an artificial machine and they passed away after a few hours.

The experiments were shot by the Soviet film agency and were filmed for the first time. With a documentary made public in 1941 was recorded. You can watch some of it in the video above.

This experiment paved the way for other things.


Sergei Sergeevich Brukhonenko on dogs, again using an autoinjector performed open heart surgery and it enabled dogs whose hearts were removed to survive for a while longer.

Brukhonenko received a lot of backlash because dogs were killed while he was conducting the experiments. because it is unethical The works were stopped.

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