Expecting 150 Thousand Dollars in Bitcoin and 8 Thousand Dollars in Ethereum, Standard Chartered Pointed to 2025 for Solana and XRP ETFs!

SEC’s spot Ethereum ETHWhile the historic approval given to ‘s was welcomed in the market, now eyes are on something else. altcoin Converted to ETFs.

at this point Standard Chartered analyst Geoffrey Kendrick said: He claimed that other crypto ETFs could gain approval in 2025.

Standard Chartered analyst told The Block Geoffrey Kendrick argued that other ETFs other than Ethereum could receive approval in 2025.

At this point after Ethereum ETFs Solana (SOL) and XRP Arguing that other cryptocurrencies such as cryptocurrencies may also receive approval in 2025, Kendrick made the following statements.

“The approval of Spot Ethereum ETFs shows that ETH is not classified as a security by the SEC, so other ETH-like coins that have previously been under scrutiny in cases like the XRP case may not be considered securities either.

In a few cases, the core technologies of some altcoins are so similar to ETH that it would be difficult for the SEC to argue that they are securities, given their classification of ETH.

“The cryptocurrency industry now appears to have political support on both sides of the aisle.”

Bitcoin Kendrick stated that his predictions of $ 150,000 for ETH and $ 8,000 for ETH are valid. “A portfolio that includes both BTC and ETH ETFs is likely attractive, and the sector is further validated by the SEC’s decision on ETH.” said.

*This is not investment advice.

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