Ethereum Whales Prefer These Altcoins!

The new on-chain data released revealed that leading Ethereum whales are currently investing in altcoins in different sectors.

The latest data shared by WhaleStats revealed the investment behavior of the 100 richest Ethereum wallets excluding exchange wallets. As we mentioned, the whale tracking platform is one of the best wallets; Ethereum-based altcoin affiliated with Bored Ape Yacht Club’s NFT collection ApeCoin(APE) revealed that it tends to invest. According to WhaleStates, strong investors bought an average of 13,592 APEs for $53,690.

APE is the second most purchased asset by Ethereum whales, with the stablecoin US Dollar Coin (USDC) at the top of the list.

The whales also bought an average of 47,482 USDT for $47,451 and continued to maintain their interest in USDT.

Altcoin, which is in the fourth place of the list, is an Ethereum-based token backed by Paxos, the blockchain infrastructure platform backed by physical gold. PAX Gold it happened. Whales bought an average of 10 PAXGs, spending $18,278.

Ethereum’s native token, ETH, recorded a purchase of $13,690 and ranked fifth on the list with a total of 12 ETH.

Ethereum-based stablecoin Dai (DAI) On the other hand, it was in the sixth place of the list with 9358 DAI for an average of $ 9376.

The seventh-ranked altcoin is Wrapped Ethereum (WETH), a token designed to maintain its value 1:1 with ETH. Whales bought 4 WETH for an average of $4290.

Eighth place is Synthetix Network (SNX), a cryptocurrency that powers the trading of synthetic assets on the Synthetix platform. The largest ETH whales bought 2,113 SNX, spending an average of $4290.

Number nine was Polygon (MATIC), the layer-2 scaling solution that ETH whales purchased for an average of 3,953 MATICs at a cost of $1,408.

Last on the top 10 list was SUSHI, the management token of the decentralized exchange SushiSwap. Whales bought an average of 1,369 SUSHI for $1,334.

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It represents the average values ​​in the news. You can follow the current price action here.

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