Electric Car Sales Figures in Türkiye and Europe

April’s electric car sales figures in Europe, including Türkiye and EFTA countries, have been announced. Türkiye was at the top in terms of growth rate.

The electric car market continues to grow. This situation was also reflected in the sales figures in April. Electric car sales have increased significantly in Europe, including Türkiye and EFTA countries. The rate of this increase was 18%. EBS Consulting The research conducted by revealed this situation.

According to the announced figures, Türkiye, with 6 thousand 97 units Among 32 countries, it ranked ninth in terms of sales figures. During this period, the countries with the largest share in sales in Europe were France, England and Norway. The top ten on the list were Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey and Spain, respectively.

Türkiye ranked second in growth

The top partner in electric car sales is Türkiye happened. Electric car sales in our country increased by 266.19%. In the same period last year, the number of electric cars sold in our country was 1,665. On the other hand, the share of electric cars in the automobile market is It was 9.92%.

On the other hand, imported from China to electric cars Obstacles were also introduced. If there were no such bans, the electric car market would probably grow even more.

Proportionally speaking, it is mostly in electric vehicle sales. South Cyprus ranked at the top. On the other hand, it should be noted that the island country’s sales numbers are very low.


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