Dream Games denied that it was sold to Tencent for 4.5 billion dollars!

The recent allegations that Tencent acquired the local game company Dream Games for 4.5 billion dollars managed to become a trending topic all over the world, including our country. However, apparently these claims do not reflect reality. Because with the official statement made a short time ago, the rumors were denied and it was underlined that there was no sales situation.

Dream Games officially announced: The allegations do not reflect the truth

Dream Gamesmanaged to attract attention with the puzzle-themed Royal Match they released in 2020. In media such as Google Play Store more than 100 million An important claim was recently made for the developer of the downloaded mobile game.

Suddenly known for popular games like PUBG on social media accounts and websites. Tencent‘of 4.5 domestic company for billion dollars Dream GamesInformation that he purchased started to be shared. However, the truth of the matter is not like this, because these allegations were denied in the official statement made a short time ago.

Dream Games’ value reached 2.75 billion dollars

Dream Games, which received a new investment of $255 million, became one of the most valuable mobile game companies in the world with a valuation of $2.75 billion.

The company announced on its social media accounts that these allegations are not true and that they will take legal action against those who spread this information.

“We would like to address the false news that has been circulating on social media about our company recently. These claims are completely false. “We will take all legal action against those who spread this false information.”

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