Does Water Have a Colour?

It has been a matter of debate for years whether water has color or not. For some it is transparent, for some it is blue.

of a pond, into a river or ocean When we look, we can see that the color of the water has changed. For example, blue water in the sea can be green in rivers.

So which one will we believe? Does water really have a color?

To understand this, we need to look at water molecules.

The fact that water is clear and colorless is one of the most basic features of its nature. Pure water does not have any color, even at an invisible level. This colorlessness from the unique structure of water molecules stems from.

Water is a compound consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This molecular structure determines the unique properties of water. Water molecules come together in a certain order and are connected to each other at certain angles.

This orderly structure ensures that water molecules are arranged in a way that they do not absorb visible light.

That is, water molecules are not suitable for absorbing or reflecting light. Therefore, when light passes through water, the water molecules do not absorb the light and do not change its color. To us reflected light wavesIt remains the same color after passing through the water, indicating that the water is colorless.

It is very rare to find pure water in nature. We often encounter water mixed with different substances. These items are also It can change the color of water.

So how does the sea look so blue?


due to sunlight The water in the sea appears blue to us. The sea absorbs the purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red colors found in the Sun’s rays; But the wavelength of blue color is small. This changes the color of sea water and makes it appear blue.

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