Do Overweight or Thin People Live Longer During Famine?

Imagine, you found yourself on a deserted island as a result of a shipwreck. You have nothing in the way of food with you. What features of your body would give you an advantage in surviving this situation? Nowadays, when being at a normal weight is seen as an aesthetic ideal, things can change in a real survival situation. So, what does science say about this?

Peoples how long you can go without eating Although the relevant limits are complex, there are studies showing that people with certain body types may have an advantage.

Of course this matter water not included Because it is not possible for people to last even a week without water, but the duration of hunger can vary greatly.

We have good news for those who are overweight.

The harms of being overweight or obese are an undeniable fact today, but when we look at a possible scenario, time of famine, Obese people will survive longer than people of normal weight There are studies on the subject.

Body fat, an important part of our energy reserves, is actually a source of energy for times when food is not available. “spare gasoline” It does the job. In order to meet its energy needs, our body first uses existing glycogen stores and then It uses fat stores. Since fat stores contain much more energy than glycogen, they provide a longer-term energy source.

Research has shown that fat deposits are especially during long periods of hunger shows that it is critical for survival.

Metabolism also improves itself when there is scarcity.

Expressing how quickly a person spends energy metabolic rate He also demonstrates mastery of the ability to survive in the event of starvation. Our body to reduce energy consumption It can slow down your metabolic rate. Thus, energy reserves are used more efficiently.

Like many living things, humans are susceptible to conditions where energy is limited. metabolic adaptations can develop. In this way, reserves are preserved and long periods of hunger can be tolerated.

Body composition is another important factor that affects our ability to survive. muscle mass, It may be an important source of energy consumption, but it is not as efficient an energy store as body fat. Therefore, a balanced structure in terms of body composition, especially muscle and fat ratio, can optimize energy consumption.

The thrifty gene hypothesis also has something to say.

advantage of being overweight

The reasons why some individuals store large amounts of fat while others cannot, remain unclear at some points, but there is also a genetic factor in this. THG (thrifty gene hypothesis) There is an idea called.

According to this idea storing fat, It is very important for survival in times of famine. This is where the idea comes from, it’s time for famine. have genes that tend to store fat people are advantageous.

Of course, although TGH is disadvantageous as it means obesity in our modern society had an advantage in the past. Because stored body fat was an energy buffer that allowed people to survive in times of food shortage.

Since individuals carrying this gene will also survive, they are more likely to pass their genes on to future generations. Doesn’t it come to your mind, “Then obese people They were the lucky ones to survive famines in the past.

Yes, it is actually possible to say this, but in modern society they have evolved towards a famine that will never come. In this case, obese people negative consequences of obesity They are left alone with.

Then, what do we do to lose weight? We don’t go on a death fast.

thin and overweight people

As this hypothesis became widespread, many people undernourished He even tries to lose weight by going on strict fasts. However, there are some points they forget. After a certain period of time, the body starts to burn fat and muscle. fatal consequences such as heart attack brings. providing malnutrition low calorie diets It can even bring death due to reasons that indicate hunger.

Some experts even advocate a certain amount of fat. If you fall and it happens on a sensitive bone like the hip, it will also be caused by excess fat. can protect you from hip fracture states. Some say that extra body fat can be beneficial if you cannot eat due to an illness.

If you are stranded on a deserted island, if you are overweight, you have a chance of surviving longer than thin individuals. But recognizing that not all of this will apply to everyone. lose or gain weight It is beneficial not to act without expert opinion on the subject.

So, do not leave yourself in the hands of obesity and live your life in an unhealthy way with the negative consequences, hoping that you will fall into famine.

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