Disney wants to acquire EA Games to enter the gaming business

It has been on the agenda lately with the Disney+ platform. Disney’s gaming world It was reported that he wanted to enter. For a while EA Games It turned out that the company, which was stated to be interested in the project, accelerated its work. It is even said that Disney CEO was put under pressure on this issue.

Disney CEO took action to acquire EA Games

According to the latest report by Bloomberg Disney CEO Bob Igeris considering purchasing a major game publisher such as Electronic Arts (EA). Iger’s aides want Disney to gain rights to gaming licenses through a major company acquisition.

Many claims have emerged between EA and Disney lately. However, there is no official statement from either company. Iger does not currently support this purchasetherefore Disney is not expected to enter the gaming business in the near future.

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Don’t miss: Marvel’s Avengers is being sold for chips before it goes off sale!

Short-lived superhero game Marvel’s Avengers went on massive discount before being removed from sale at the end of this month.

Under Iger’s leadership, Disney; Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel It has made significant acquisitions, including: EA manages the licensing rights of three games together with Marvel. Let us note that among these, two games about Iron Man and Black Panther stand out.

On the other hand, EA and Disney have previously In the Star Wars game worked together. However, the cancellation of some Star Wars games in development and the launch of an investigation into in-game items in Battlefront 2 brought controversy.

Since last year, EA; Amazon, Apple, NBCUniversal It is said that he is in talks with various companies such as. It is stated that some companies are pursuing merger opportunities with EA. However, no statement has been made so far.

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