Developer Team Dump in the Coin Purchased by the Giant Market Maker: 50 Percent Drop!

The rise in the price of the altcoin in which market maker DWF Labs invested was seen as an opportunity by developers.

DWF Labs at the end of September LeverFi (LEVER) from developer wallet $6.36 million worth 3.3 billion LEVER After it came to the fore, the token price increased %one hundredThere was an increase of more than .

On-chain analytics platform Lookonchain shared on October 4 in postsame again your developer wallet He included his transfer to Binance. Wallet named “LeverFi Farming Reserves” 2 days ago 1.2 billion of LEVER 1.95 million dollarcryptocurrency exchange To Binance, 103 thousand dollarThe part of to Bybit transferred.

Transfers carried out What happened in LEVER price? prevented the extraordinary rise.

According to CoinGecko data, LEVER price in a 2-day period $0.003142 from level 52%with a decrease of more than to $0.001497 decreased by . LEVER, at the time of writing $0.00156It is traded from.

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