Best single duvets 2021 for kids and toddlers: Natural, hypoallergenic and washable bedding

As the nights draw in and temperatures start to drop, you might find yourself assessing your children’s bed linen and find it comes up, well, a little thin. There’s a vast amount of duvets out there, with all sorts of fillings and fibres, so we’ve done the sorting and the snoozing to find the best ones.

It’s not recommended that children under 12 months sleep with a duvet. Duvets can make a child of this age overheat, which is dangerous. But children’s bodies gradually learn to regulate their temperatures, so while you might want to go for a thinner, lower-tog duvet for a young child, an older child might want something more substantial.

Duvets are stuffed with all kinds of fillings. Natural fibres such as wool and bamboo will tend to be better for helping them regulate their temperatures – keeping them cool in summer and warm in winter. Some children will love the weight of a wool-filled duvet, while others might prefer a more lightweight bamboo or microfibre option.

Bamboo is a great fibre as it’s more eco-friendly than some other natural fibres, and has antimicrobial properties that are great for keeping nasties at bay. It’s also soft and lightweight, which makes for a great duvet filling.

Synthetic fabrics make for more budget-friendly duvets, and often have anti-allergy credentials. They’re also a bit more forgiving in their care instructions than their natural-fibre filled counterparts.

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How we tested

We spent seven weeks testing kids’ duvets. That’s roughly 540 hours of sleep. We looked at how comfy, breathable and good at temperature regulating they were. We also considered the fillings and casings, and how easy the duvets were to care for. We eventually whittled it down to these – the 11 fluffiest, cosiest kids duvets around. Sadly we can’t guarantee they’ll make your child sleep through though – sorry.

The best kids’ duvets for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Panda kids cloud duvet: £59.95,
  • Best synthetic duvet – Little Eve cot duvet and pillow set: £69,
  • Best value natural fibre duvet – Soak and Sleep summer warmth New Zealand wool cot bed duvet: £31.50,
  • Best year-round duvet – Little Green Sheep organic wool duvet: £69.95,
  • Best hypoallergenic duvet – The White Company hypoallergenic soft and light breathable duvet: £45,
  • Best bamboo duvet – Dunelm fogarty little sleepers bamboo cot bed duvet and pillow set: £45,
  • Best budget buy – Silentnight kids bedset: £24.99,
  • Best chemical-free duvet – Naturalmat child organic wool spring/autumn duvet: £60,
  • Best winter duvet – Next anti-allergy junior duvet and pillow set: From £30,
  • Best ethical duvet – Devon Duvets little Lana cot bed wool duvet: £65,
  • Best easy-care wool duvet – Woolroom kids’ cot bed duvet: £55.99,

Panda kids cloud duvet

Best: Overall

  • Rating: 10/10
  • Size: 150cm x 120cm
  • Tog rating: 4.5

Weighty and satisfyingly thick, this duvet feels really luxurious. The cloud’s outer cover is made from bamboo, and feels gorgeously silky – it’s almost a shame to encase it in a duvet cover. It also has a smart black trim around the edge and a cute embroidered panda on the corner. The filling is meant to recreate the down-feather feeling but uses bamboo and nano microfibre fabrics instead (50/50 of each). It definitely feels plush but isn’t hugely thick.

This duvet was one of our mini tester’s favourites. He was cosy going off to sleep but didn’t wake up in a sweaty mess. We liked that it’s hypoallergenic – perfect for our little one’s eczema. The cloud is also machine washable and claims to dry in half the time of normal duvets. You can tumble dry it on a low heat too, which is a bonus during the winter months.

Little Eve cot duvet and pillow set

Best: Synthetic duvet set

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Size: 150cm x 120cm
  • Tog rating: 3.5

Although this is called a cot duvet, it actually fits a cot bed. Anyway, size aside, we really liked this bundle. We found the duvet to be just the right thickness – not too thin that it feels inadequate but not too thick that our tester overheated. There are cute touches too – the yellow trim was appreciated by our mini tester because it’s their favourite colour. And there is a cloud design stitched into the duvet too.

The microfibre filling has been given a natural anti-allergy treatment to fend off germs and mites. And you can wash the duvet at 40C which is great if there are any accidents. Although we weren’t actually testing the pillow, we will mention that it is great. It was decently fluffy and kept its shape well, even with our wriggly little tester.

Soak and Sleep summer warmth New Zealand wool cot bed duvet

Best: Value natural-fibre duvet

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Size: 120 x 150cm
  • Tog rating: 4

This light duvet is filled with wool, which is a great material for kids’ duvets as it is breathable, naturally hypoallergenic and great for temperature regulation. This stopped our little tester overheating, yet kept them snug in bed. The duvet feels medium in weight – easy to kick off, but still felt like it hugged our child when they were tucked up in bed. The cover is also 100 per cent natural cotton for extra breathability.

Little Green Sheep organic wool duvet

Best: Year-round duvet

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Size: 120cm x 140cm
  • Tog rating: 4

Another duvet made only from natural fibres, the casing is 100 per cent certified organic cotton while the filling is organic British wool. The wool filling has natural temperature regulating properties, which means it keeps little ones snug in winter and cool in summer. We liked this as there were no worries about different winter and summer duvets. It is incredibly lightweight and not bulky at all. However, it quickly warms up to the perfect cosy temperature once a little body is underneath. It is possible to machine wash this duvet at 30C, but you cannot tumble dry it – which might be something to consider if you find you need to wash your kids’ duvets on the regular.

The White Company hypoallergenic soft and light breathable duvet

Best: Hypoallergenic duvet

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Size: 120cm x 140cm
  • Tog rating: 4

We were actually pretty jealous of this duvet ourselves. It feels super plush and snuggly, and has a super-soft casing made from 200-thread-count cotton jacquard. The filling is 80 per cent Smartfil polyester, which claims to offer the same thermal efficiency as down duvets but with much finer fibres. The result is a lighter duvet. The other 20 per cent of the filling is Modal microfibre, which is 50 per cent more absorbent than cotton, wicking away any sweat. It’s also super durable yet dreamily soft – perfect for a lump-free and comfy duvet.

We did find that this duvet really hit the mark – just the right level of sumptuousness without it being heavy and our child overheating. We liked that it’s hypoallergenic and that you can machine wash and tumble dry it to shed any mites and germs. A great luxurious yet practical option.

Dunelm fogarty little sleepers bamboo cot bed duvet and pillow set

Best: Bamboo duvet

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Size: 120 x 150cm
  • Tog rating: 4

This duvet is made from 250-thread count eco-friendly bamboo. This may not sound as plush as some cotton options, but bamboo is naturally softer anyway. And we can attest to this – the outer casing is really silky. Bamboo is also better at wicking away moisture than cotton, meaning this gave a lovely sweat-free sleep for our mini tester. The fibres are also naturally antimicrobial meaning it keeps any nasties at bay.

This duvet isn’t quite as plush as some others we tried; it’s not super thick, and it took a little while to get warm underneath it. But we can’t deny the pull of a 100 per cent bamboo duvet. Oh, and you can whack it in the washing machine at 40C and tumble dry on low heat, which is good to know if there are any accidents.

It’s worth noting that this set includes a pillow – the cover is bamboo, but the filling is polyester. It’s a softer pillow, but much plumper than some other kids’ options we came across. We think this is great value for a set.

Silentnight kids bedset

Best: Budget buy

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Size: Single
  • Tog: 10.5

If you’re kitting out a child’s bed from scratch, then this is a great option. It includes a pillow, single duvet and a waterproof mattress protector in the set, which we think is outstandingly good value. At 10.5 togs, this is certainly the thickest duvet we tried, and at that rating it’s not suitable for younger kids who are liable to overheat. But for older children it’s great. The casing is a soft polycotton and both the duvet and pillow are filled with hypoallergenic hollowfibre. These are clearly not natural fibres, and it does feel, well, a bit synthetic-y compared to others we tried. It’s also not going to be the most breathable. But we liked that it’s washable at 40C and you can tumble dry it on cool – two big practical ticks from us.

Naturalmat child organic wool spring/autumn duvet

Best: Chemical-free duvet

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Size: 135 x 200cm
  • Tog: Approximately 9

This wool duvet is handmade in Devon, and you can feel the love and care that goes into it. This one is not as puffy as other duvets, but it is still heavy and offers a nice, snug drape. If your little one is someone who doesn’t like crinkly duvet noises, then this ticks that box. If you are after a totally natural, organic duvet then this is great – there are absolutely no chemicals used in the production process. Because of this, this duvet is dry clean only. The wool is fantastic for temperature regulation – our mini tester (who can be quite sweaty) didn’t overheat even on warmer evenings. If you are after something lighter than this, then Naturalmat also does a thinner version for summers. It also comes in single and cot bed sizes.

Next anti-allergy junior duvet and pillow set

Best: Winter duvet

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Size: Single or toddler
  • Tog: 7

We tested the seven-tog version of this duvet, but you can get it in one or four togs too. As soon as we put on this cosy duvet our little one said how warm and toasty they felt. It feels very plush and pretty sumptuous – we definitely wanted to curl up under it too. The filling and casing are 100 per cent polyester, so it was never going to hold up in the breathability stakes against some of the natural-fibre duvets we tried. However, these blended fibres help eliminate dust and mites to protect little ones with allergies. It’s also machine washable at 40C, but you can’t tumble dry it, which makes it a tad tricky to air dry during the colder months, even at seven togs.

Devon Duvets little Lana cot bed wool duvet

Best: Ethical duvet

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Size: 100cm x 135cm
  • Tog: Approximately 4-7

Made from 100 per cent British wool, this duvet is cosy without being suffocatingly hot. That’s thanks to the wool, which has natural temperature regulating properties – clever things, sheep, as it turns out. It’s also resistant to dust mites, so another tick there.

These duvets are certainly made with love – Devon Duvets is the first bedding company to be accredited by British Wool, all thanks to its strict eco-credentials. No bleach or chemicals are used when the wool is cleaned and the duvets are all handmade in Devon and then packaged in reusable packaging. Even the casing, which is 100 per cent cotton, is made from Better Cotton Initiative cotton, which promotes better environmental and socio-economic farming. Yep, they’ve really committed to an ethical product here.

The duvet itself has a nice drape to it, so little ones feel snug and secure. It also has that satisfying duvet crinkle sound, which we love and not all duvets have. We will admit the care of this duvet is a bit high maintenance. You are advised to air it – ideally outside – each time you wash the bed linen, at least every 3-4 weeks. Happily, you can machine wash it at 30C, but you can’t tumble dry it.

Woolroom kids’ cot bed duvet

Best: Easy-care wool duvet

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Size: 120cm x 150cm
  • Tog: Approximately 3-6

Woolroom prides itself on only using fully traceable British wool, and that’s no different in this cot bed duvet. The duvet is quite tightly quilted and fairly weighty, which gives it a really nice cosy drape around our little one, making them feel snug and secure. Also it doesn’t smell on taking it out of the box, like some other wool duvets might.

The temperature-regulating wool filling has been treated to ensure the duvet can be machine washed. However, no residual harmful toxins or chemicals are left after the treatment, which gives peace of mind that children are safely snoozing. The casing is made from 100 per cent unbleached 200 thread count organic cotton for extra breathability. Woolroom recommends you wash this duvet on a delicate 30C cycle and never tumble dry.

The verdict: Kids’ duvets

We loved the plush feel and eco-friendly bamboo filling of the Panda duvet, so that’s why we’ve awarded it our overall winner. If you’re after a totally natural duvet, then Naturalmat is expensive but brilliant. Or if you’re looking for something less pricey, Dunelm’s duvet set is hard to beat.

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