Descended to the Bottom of the Berehut Well for the First Time

It was the first time that the bottom of the Berehut Well in Yemen, known as the ‘Well of Hell’, was descended for the first time. The Omani researchers who made the discovery discovered dead animals and various cave formations at the bottom of the well.

Omani cave explorers; by some people ‘jinn prison’ or ‘A super volcano that could destroy the Earth’ believed to be the 112-meter ‘Hell Well’They were the first people to go to the bottom of it.

In a study conducted last week, the real name ‘Berehut Well’ at the bottom of the pothole dead animals and various cave formations found.

Descending to the bottom of the well for the first time

Berehut Well, about which many legends are told in the region; It is known as the ‘Hell Well’ among the people because it is believed to be a door to hell due to the bad smells it emits. Oman on the border al-MahraAmateur explorers had previously descended into the sinkhole located in the middle of a desert in . but this is the one that goes down to the bottom of the well. first discovery has the feature of being

A group of 10 people from the Oman Cave Exploration Team set up a pulley system, and 8 of them, to the bewildered looks of the bystanders, 30 meters in diameter He went down from the circular entrance and explored the Berehut Well.

The final report of the discovery will be published in the coming weeks.

Berehut Well

Omani researchers, the first people to go down to the bottom of the well, snakes, frogs, insects, dead animals, cave pearls and stalagmites announced that he was. Live ScienceAccording to the news of , some of the stalagmites found at the bottom of the cave to 9 meters reported so far. Researchers also found holes in the walls of the sinkhole. small waterfalls recorded the flow.


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Geologist not involved in the study Leslie Melim; He thinks that the water needed for the formation of stalagmites and cave pearls may have been provided by these waterfalls. Geologist, member of the team Mohammed al-Kindi on the other hand, they collected rock, soil, dead animals and water samples from the sinkhole; however, he shared that these samples have not been analyzed yet.

The final report of the discovery in the coming weeks pending publication. Here is the bottom of the Hell Pit:

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