Depeg Tension in Binance Supported Stablecoin: Did TRON Cause It?

TruUSD (TUSD), the fourth largest stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market in terms of market value, lost its dollar stability for a short time.

Binance-backed stablecoin TUSD On November 28 at 09.00 CESTWith a decrease in , the dollar lost its stability and although it should have been 1 dollar for $0.993 decreased by .

This is what happened specifically for TUSD depeg of the situation TRON (TRX) recently revealed about negative from the news It is thought to originate from TUSD And TRON While there is a close relationship between 27 November In a news report on TRON in terrorist financing It was stated that it is more preferred than Bitcoin (BTC).

According to the news, TRON Israel, USA and by other countries terrorist organization In crypto transfers associated with groups designated as first place rose. This data is available to the USA Serious sanctions against TRON after Binance It fueled speculation that he might implement it.

As you may remember, among the accusations presented to Binance by the US Department of Justice (DOJ), there was a particularly serious article such as indirectly assisting in the financing of terrorist organizations. Moreover Binance with TUSD between net linkAfter the USA filed a lawsuit against Binance last June, the TUSD price up to $0.87 caused him to fall.

It looks like the cryptocurrency market is facing a possible lawsuit against TRON. TUSD may also be hit hard priced. As a result, this situation caused TUSD to experience depeg.

According to CoinGecko data, TUSD recovered in a short time at the time of writing. from $0.996 is being traded.

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