Denial of Allegations of Manipulation in Cryptocurrency Prices from the Giant Market Maker!

Giant market maker DWF Labs denied manipulation allegations made by its rival Wintermute.

Wintermute team in Singapore Token2049 at the event About DWF Labs He made striking claims. Witermute co-founder Yoann Turpin DWF Labs said in a statement: blatantly manipulated the market and DWF Labs front They present OTC transactions as if they were investments. he had suggested.

DWF Labs was quick to respond to these allegations. on the market They were not involved in any manipulation The team stated that people’s decisions independent He stated that it was. On the other hand, in the cryptocurrency market liquidity was lower than last year and needed individual users both trading bots He argued that he could easily manipulate the market:

We are not involved in any manipulation. When people see a sign that any asset could be profitable, they invest in it. Currently the liquidity in the market is not as good as it was a year ago and this situation can easily be manipulated by humans and bots in the market.

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