DeFi Protocol Attack on ZkSync Network: USDC Pools Drained!

EraLend, one of the lending protocols in the Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 solution ZkSync network, was hacked worth millions of dollars.

EraLend, one of the largest decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols in the ZkSync network A hack worth $3.4 million was attacked. Hacking case, according to information provided by on-chain security firm Certic 25 July 16:00 CET took place in the waters. Just from the attack EraLend, USD Coin (USD) While the pool contract was affected, it had no direct impact on user wallets.

Data provided by on-chain data analysis company DeFiLIma, with the news of the hack, EraLend total locked assets (TVL) of the value From $18 million to $10 million appeared to fall.

Many users who are actively involved in the crypto money industry ZkSync airdrop It is known that it uses protocols such as EraLend to meet its criteria.

Statement from the team

Shortly after the attack, the EraLend team took to social media. in the statement found. Threat is under control indicating that the team provides users with any liquidity pool. USDC not to deposit He recommended:

We had a security incident on our platform today. The threat has been contained. We have suspended all lending for now and recommend that you do not deposit USDC. We are working with partners and cybersecurity companies to address this. More updates will come.

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