Cryptocurrency Project Received an Investment of 250 Million Dollars and Reached a Valuation of 2.5 Billion Dollars!

Wormhole, the cross-chain protocol that recently came to the fore with the decision to part ways with Jump Trading, completed its financing round with a billion-dollar valuation.

Wormhole, which was at the center of one of the biggest hacking events in cryptocurrency history last year, has literally come back to life. In the statement made by the company to Fortune on November 29, the financing round $2.5 billion with valuation 225 million dollars were collected place was given.

With the completion of the financing round, Wormhole’s separation from Jump Trading has been completed. The funding round had no obvious leader, but Brevan Howard, coinbase Ventures, multicoin Capital, ParaFi, Dialectic, borderless Capital, arrington Capital and of course jump trading Important participants such as accompanied the tour.

Wormhole Labs CEO Saeed Badreg “From such a successful financing round,” he told Fortune. that they are satisfied and stated that Jump Crypto, the crypto branch of Jump Trading, has made a great effort in bringing the project to this point. Badreg continued his statement with the following statements:

I think this increase is an eye-popping number for people, so it forces people to re-evaluate. I never believed in a world where all of these projects or companies would live within Jump or be associated with Jump indefinitely.

Wormhole Foundation COO Dan Reecerwhile confirming that the process of leaving Jump Trading has been completed. On when the Wormhole token will be released He preferred not to talk about the details.

The team behind Wormhole 225 million dollars In addition to the funding, it announced the formation of the new company Wormhole Labs, which will help develop the protocol.

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