Cryptocurrency Exchange That Suspended Its Operations Offered 3.35 Cents Per Dollar to Investors!

Zipmex, a cryptocurrency exchange operating in Asia, presented a not very attractive offer to its creditors as part of the restructuring process.

Zipmex especially 2022 in the year in bear market received serious damage and recently financial difficulties is pulling. To the customers of the exchange $97 million has debt.

According to Bloomberg’s news dated November 29, based on people familiar with the matter, Zipmex has notified its creditors within the scope of the rescue plan. 0.0335 dollar He offered to pay. If new financial financing is provided and the situation improves a little, the repayment to be made by the stock exchange will be per dollar of debt. for $0.29 It can go up to .

Zipmex CEO Marcus Limabout the news about the rescue plan abstaining walking around while talking in numbers inaccuracies could happen defended.

It stopped withdrawals last year and then reopened them. Singapore regarding debts from the court moratorium (the time period that ensures that creditors cannot initiate legal proceedings against the debtor for a certain period of time) how to get out of this swamp still remains unclear.

While the creditors of the stock exchange did not look favorably on this offer, in case of a possible reconciliation, the repayments would be reduced. of December at the beginning is planned to start.

Stock market last regulatory citing incompatibilities Thailand for subsidiary suspends deposits and withdrawals he explained.

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