Cryptocurrency Emphasis from Indian Prime Minister: “It Can Disrupt Youth!”

The recognition and usage rate of cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day. Cryptocurrencies, which even individual investors hesitated to use a few years ago, are now fully known by the whole world and institutional investors. Cryptocurrencies, which are also groundbreaking in terms of usage rate, interestingly worry politicians and managers.

Cryptocurrency Alert from India

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi In his last statement, he actually revealed an example code for this. Modi stated that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a threat to youth. Stating that cryptocurrencies can disrupt youth and youth, Modi emphasized that the government is in the process of preparing laws to regulate them.

Speaking at a cybersecurity symposium organized by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Modi stated that within India, digital currencies currently function far beyond government oversight. Stating that the central bank is out of control and that the central bank should be able to control everything related to money, Modi addressed all countries:

“Cryptocurrencies can corrupt the youth. It is critical that all democratic nations work together on this and ensure that cryptocurrencies are not mismanaged in a way that corrupts our youth.”

Modi stated that those who oppose the regulation of cryptocurrencies are usually anonymous individuals or groups.

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