Crypto Research Firm Compares Optimism and Arbitrum

Crypto research firm Messari recently compared Ethereum layer-2 solutions Optimism and Arbitrum.

Messari touched upon the growth strategies of the projects in the report he prepared. Tier-2 solution Arbitrum follows a more organic growth model, while Optimism provides incentives for new users. According to the data, the two competing platforms each exceeded 3 million registered users.

Optimism Users Are More Loyal!

While Optimism and Arbitrum achieve similar success in the number of users metric, there is a divergence in the long run. In the medium-long term (+3 months), Optimism users use the platform more often than Arbitrum.

A different on-chain metric also supports the argument that Optimism users are more loyal to the platform. OP network fees and revenue have increased significantly over the past 30 days.

Optimism Upgrade Coming

The greater interest in Optimism from Ethereum layer-2 projects may be due to a number of anticipated developments. The Bedrock upgrade, which has been anticipated for weeks on the OP network, is expected to go live within the month.

With the Bedrock update, it is aimed to reduce the network fee paid by users using Optimism.

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