Crypto Millionaire Arthur Hayes Finally Reveals His Altcoin Investment Strategy!

Co-founder and former CEO of BitMEX Arthur Hayes, is recognized as an influential figure in the cryptocurrency industry. The statements of Hayes, who has accumulated a significant fortune with his past successes and correct investment moves, are especially taken into consideration by the altcoin community.

In a blog post outlining the altcoins he will add to his portfolio, Hayes wrote that compelling stories supporting powerful technology altcoin He emphasized that he played a key role in the election. According to him, what is as important as strong technology is that the project has an impressive story.

Arthur Hayes Explained His Method in Altcoin Elections

Hayes shared the underlying stories of the altcoins he has chosen to succeed in the upcoming bull market. Across these altcoins, it is investing in projects centered around a narrative that believes retail derivatives trading volume will shift from centralized exchanges to decentralized ones.

Hayes’ list includes projects that challenge leading derivatives decentralized exchanges such as dYdX and GMX. There are also projects like Elixir that have the potential to take on the role of market makers in decentralized exchanges.

As reported, Hayes’ altcoin choices include projects such as Flare, which provides on-chain oracles. These projects are expected to play an important role for price discovery on DEXs.

Finally, projects such as Pendle, Ethena and Axelar are also known to have attracted Hayes’ attention. It is noteworthy that these projects offer potential in various areas such as strengthening interest rate swap trading, dominating the stablecoin narrative, and improving cross-chain bridging.

Hayes expressed some concerns about Cardano, one of the popular assets. However, he wants to focus more on altcoins and will continue to reveal more about his favorite projects related to shaping the cryptocurrency market.

Source : The Crypto Basic

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