Crypto-Based Browser Brave Passes 50 Million Monthly Active Users

Crypto-based browser company Brave has announced that it has exceeded 50 million monthly active users and has doubled its growth year-on-year for the 5 years since it was founded.

Brave, the user privacy-protecting service it launched last year Brave Search with annual 2.3 billion users reached the number of Brave also 2021 with crypto wallet Brave Wallet and private video calling service Brave Talk started its services.

in sharing, A tremendous improvement to surpass 50 million monthly active users stating that Brave CEO and co-founder Brendan EichHe said this is also proof that users’ search for alternatives in the surveillance economy continues globally. Eich is also on the subject;

We had a successful year expanding our product range with our partners who share a vision of a web independent of the dominance of the US’s five largest companies in the IT industry. We’ve had an incredible response from our users, producers, and community. In 2022, we aim to double that growth again and engage with more users that will help directly support our producers who seek a privacy-conscious way to surf the Web, rewarding them instead of watching them surf the Web.

made statements.

FireFox browser approx. 211 million active users while you have 50 million active users industry leader with Google’s Chrome far from the browser Brave, still has a small market share in the industry.

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