Creative Job Postings You’ll Want to Start on Your First Monday

Let us take you away from boring job postings and into the world of creative job postings published by companies.

Creativity does not only exist in places related to sales. some companies Taking creativity seriously, They also manage to showcase this side of themselves in their job postings.

Instead of the classic and monotonous advertisements that start with a phrase like “brand manager wanted” and end with the phrase “add your CV” after long texts explaining the job description, it is possible to see much more creative advertisements. Even those who will not apply for the job attracting attention Let’s take a look at these ads.

McDonald’s could not have explained its aim to hire inexperienced employees more creatively.

“Students are wanted. No experience is needed.” In its advertisement, McDonald’s has managed to portray inexperience.

Again, McDonald’s must have aimed to make those who saw it say “what the hell?”

McDonald’s, “We do not hire Turks, Greeks, Poles, Indians, Ethiopians, Vietnamese, Chinese and Peruvians.” At the bottom of the advertisement, which begins with the sentence, in small print: “or Swedes, South Koreans and Norwegians. We hire individuals. It doesn’t matter to us what your surname is. Because ambition and determination have nothing to do with your nationality.” It invites those who read the advertisement to apply with a message emphasizing that it is a brand that includes individuals from different cultures and is against racism.

Burger King also did not neglect to tease its rival even when posting a job advertisement.

“Marketing manager” Burger King removed the letter “M” from the words “marketing manager” and used the McDonald’s logo in parentheses. “Don’t mention M” He referred to his rival by writing:

“Do you know anyone smarter than you? Direct him immediately.” SAP made its stance clear.


This advert says “Do you want a new job where you can whine?” There is no doubt that he attracted attention with his message!


How much more clearly could they explain that they were missing a graphic designer?

graphic design job posting

on paint “We are looking for a graphic designer.” The company, which published the visual they wrote as an ad, must have figured out the secret of getting maximum returns with minimum effort.

“Right work keeps you out of trouble.” This company gets full marks from us with the clever advertisements it publishes with its message.

job advertisement

A cannibal and serial killer in the visual Hannibal Lecter The brand, which portrays you as a butcher, emphasizes the importance of choosing the right business for yourself.

A puzzle-like job posting came from Microsoft.

Microsoft job posting
In this job posting, “We are looking for problem solvers. Call us at the number below:” saying; Microsoft required applicants to first solve a math problem to find the number.

The mysterious ad that appeared near Silicon Valley also contains a problem like Microsoft’s ad.

Appeared in 2004 and above not mentioning the name of a company This mysterious billboard aims to attract the attention of people who can solve the problem on it.

The owner of this mysterious ad is Google and this ad is “Google’s dashboard challenge” It is known as.

Bud Light, a beer brand, was looking for someone to solve its problem with internet memes.

In the advertisement published by Bud Light, “hard seltzer” called and a type of beer with a soda-like aroma They express that they are looking for a person responsible for the product’s memes with the following message:

“We, as Bud Light, have prepared the perfect hard seltzer. It’s five times filtered, 100 calories, and four delicious flavors. But we know that a hard seltzer is only as good as its memes, and unfortunately, our memes are garbage. We need someone who can change this for us; Someone who can pull us out of the pits of shame, someone like you who knows how to use the lasso thing in Photoshop. Please help us. Please. Best regards, Bud Light.”

Looking for interns who are ready to cross over to the dark side!


In this advertisement prepared for the search for a marketing intern, there is an image of Darth Vader. “Join us or die.” The message was written in a slightly controversial, humorous and unusual style.

This job posting for tattoo artists has taken creativity to the next level.


Application form QR code This company, which can be reached via , expects tattoo artists to fill in this white QR code with a black pen in order to scan the code.

The aim is to let the candidates’ hands how little it shakes measure!

This job posting published by an interior architecture firm followed a simple but effective method.


Next to the image of a seashell “Do you see a staircase here?” The company has actually managed to express the skills it wants the candidate it is looking for in a very simple but very effective way.

“Find the job that suits you.” This ad has captured the visual and text harmony in the best way!

job advertisement

an american investor Richard Branson and a famous linguist Noam Chomsky How better could this advertisement, whose name was written on the badges of McDonald’s and Subway, explain that you need to find a suitable job for yourself?


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