Counter-Strike 2 copy sales number and revenue have been announced!

valve‘s launch in September 2023. Counter-Strike 2is among the most popular FPS games in the world. A game in which two teams face each other and clash. Counter-Strike It is known as the last member of the series. Alright Counter-Strike 2 or in short C.S. 2, how many copies have it sold so far and how much has it grossed? Here is the current data…

Shortly before Steam According to data shared by Counter-Strike 2, is increasing in popularity. The game so far 207.2 million copies reportedly sold. Of course, since the production is free, this represents the number of times it has been added to the library.

According to data valve, Counter-Strike 2 from the game $7.4 billionIt grossed more than . Of course, this revenue comes from those whose books were closed in the past months. CS:GO Let us note that the earnings earned during the period are also included. The source of revenue is from in-game item sales.

Unexpected event in the Counter-Strike 2 tournament! Drive crashed

Virtus Pro and G2 teams faced each other in PGL’s Counter-Strike 2 tournament. However, one side was eliminated due to an NVIDIA driver error.

  • Number of copies sold (added to the library): 207.2 million
  • Total revenue: $7.4 billion

Counter-Strike 2, valveIt looks like it will continue to provide serious profits for years to come. Because the game is among the leading ones of the FPS genre. It has only a few popular rivals. E-sports tournaments are also organized. This gradually increases the popularity of the game and expands its community.

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