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Today is a historic day because the Togg T10X I have with me can now be controlled from my phone! Yes, you heard right, Togg has now turned into a fully connected device. Togg T10X has become a full-fledged device now.

Now, you will say that the car was already connected, you are right, but how was it connected? When you ordered Togg T10X, it included mobile internet. You can even share this mobile internet with the passengers here and use it as a WiFi hotspot. However, it wasn’t completely connected. Now what exactly does connected mean?

What can you do when you buy a Tesla Model Y in Turkey? You turn on your phone, you can determine where the Tesla is, how charged it is, which doors are open, even start it remotely, honk the horn, and even control the cameras around the Tesla from your phone with an update. This feature is not limited to Tesla. Volvo and even Fiat cars produced in our country also had remote connection possibilities.

However, Togg T10X, which is at the heart of mobility and whose intellectual and industrial rights belong to us, could not use these features. However, there has been a wonderful development. First, there was an update to the car itself, the 1.4.0 update. A mobile application has also been updated with this update.

What did we need to do first when purchasing a Togg T10X model? We needed to create an account. This calculation was done through the Trumore application. Now, what do we do after this app is updated? Among the new features:My Smart Device” a tab came up. From this tab, we can add our Togg T10X vehicle to the Trumore application.

To add our vehicle we need to follow some instructions. First we choose whether it is for companies or ordinary citizens. Since we took over the company, the documents we had to upload were a little more. We obtained the documents and uploaded them from the mobile application. After a short while, the documents were approved and now I can see my Togg T10X on the phone. If you wish, let’s see together what I did.

My Trumore application is now ready, when I click on the “My Smart Device” tab, my vehicle is now shown to me. From this tab, I can see the status of my battery, my range, last update date, air temperature, where my vehicle is, where I parked, my tire pressure and how many kilometers I have traveled. Apart from this, there are also features that continue to be developed. For example, smart access will come very soon. With this feature, we will be able to remotely start the vehicle, unlock it, open the trunk and use our phone as a key.

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