Concept T, hologram technology introduced: It could be groundbreaking

We have experienced a significant evolution in communication and classic phones have now been replaced by smartphones. However, the change is not over yet. The future can now be shaped with hologram technology. Here’s what was unveiled at the MWC event in Barcelona Concept T hologram technology…

“Concept T” hologram technology was introduced at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC)

Introduced by Deutsche Telekom at the MWC event, “Concept T,” artificial intelligence, Hologram Telephony device named, Wi-Fi detection, computer vision And web 3 It revealed the future of communication by bringing together new technologies such as.

Deutsche Telekom Board Member Claudia NematConcept T’s research shows how innovations such as hologram technology can become reality. Even if it is not on the shelves tomorrow, it is in our minds and laboratories today.” says.

Is the smartphone era ending?  Humane AI Pin is on sale

Is the smartphone era ending? Humane AI Pin is on sale

Is the era of smartphone carrying over? Humane AI Pin with hologram feature has taken its place on the shelves. Here are the details…

Emma’s Concept: “Concept view”

Emma’s Concept The design work called “Concept view” presents Emma, ​​an artificial intelligence avatar that will assist users in every aspect of their lives. Emma will be able to provide support on various issues, from shopping to cryptocurrency management, by chatting with users via hologram.

Concept Level: “Concept level”

Concept Level: Concept level design redefines the traditional router artificial intelligence voice assistant And WiFi detection It enriches it with features such as. The modular structure can be customized according to the needs of the users and can also charge other devices with the wireless charging feature.

concept t hologram technology

Concept Buddy: “Concept buddy”

Concept Buddy: The “Concept Buddy” design will appear as a robot with a projector that walks around the house and monitors the air quality. This friendly robot will be able to help users control everything at home easily.

concept t hologram technology

Such concepts introduced at MWC may herald a new era in communication and enter our lives in the future. So what do you think about this issue? Do you think this technology will enter our lives? You can write in the comments section below.

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