Comment Pausing Feature Comes to YouTube

YouTube has launched its feature that allows content creators to stop comments. When this feature, which is used with the “Pause” button, is activated, the existing comments on the videos will remain and no new comments can be made.

YouTube was introducing new features to make the experience of both content creators and users on the platform better and safer. We saw that the app was working on a change that would show real-time views and likes a few days ago.

Now, a feature that can be very useful for content creators on YouTube has arrived. YouTubers will now have more control over comments.

Comments on videos can be stopped

The feature, which comes with an additional update that expands comment controls, comes with a button called “Pause”. stop comments provides. We should point out that this is different from closing comments. When the manufacturer stopped comments, Currently, the comments under the video remain, but a new comment cannot be entered.. YouTube has been testing comment muting for a while, and today it started rolling it out to everyone.

We know that comments are widely used and are of great importance to content creators. However, they can sometimes be difficult to control due to reasons such as their large number and inappropriate content. Normally, content producers’ comments are used to ensure this control. disabling it completely or checking each comment individually It was necessary.

The pause feature was also introduced to provide solutions to such problems. The producer will be able to stop comments when he wants to do something outside of YouTube. In this way, his mind will not be left here and he will be able to prevent inappropriate comments.


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