Coming from the future: Hyundai Elantra is facelifted!

It’s time for a makeover for Hyundai Elantra, which is on sale both in our country and in Europe. The brand introduced the new facelifted 2023 Elantra model with a quiet promotion in its homeland of South Korea. Since the name of the vehicle is Avante in South Korea, the promotion took place as Avante with make-up. This situation is similar to the Fiat Egea model being sold as Egea in Turkey and Tipo in Europe.

Facelift 2023 Elantra!

The brand made a quiet publicity similar to a family wedding in South Korea. In this promotion, he showed the renewed Hyundai Elantra model. The vehicle already had sharper and sportier lines in the last generation. However, Elantra, which has its share of Hyundai’s futuristic design language, continues to keep its “futuristic” design alive with this make-up process.

The movement for change begins with the front grilles of the Elantra. Elantra, which had the N Line package last year, carries these traces to its standard model. In this way, the shortened but widened grille adds sportiness to the car. LED lighting across the entire length brought just above the grille adds a touch of Elantra’s premium flair.

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Brand designers wanted to show the Elantra model more muscular, so they added new lines to the hood and fenders of the vehicle. These new lines not only increased the futuristic feel of the model, but also gave the model a more muscular look. We can also say that Hyundai has created their own signature by adding such lines to all of its cars recently.

A new diffuser has been placed at the back of the facelifted Elantra. Thus, the Elantra has a sporty bumper design that stands out more. The U-shaped silver frame surrounding the exhaust outlets also adds a stylish touch to the rear design. The characteristic taillights remained the same as the previous Elantra.

When we look at the side parts of the facelifted Elantra, we can say that everything is the same as the previous model, except for the fenders. The brand stated that this situation is natural. Because Hyundai stated that they did not apply a comprehensive make-up process to the Elantra, and that the vehicle was brought to the fore with small touches.

In addition, the interior design remained the same as the previous model. The arrival date of the make-up Elantra to our country is unknown. However, the brand may announce these dates after holding another launch for European customers under the name Elantra.

So what do you think about the new Elantra? Do you like the new model? We are waiting your comments!

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