“Climate check agreed for every legislative proposal”

Of the Coalition agreement by SPD, Greens and FDP contains too many vague letters of intent in the industry’s view. “Here the lion’s share of the work remains to be done,” said Siegfried Russwurm, President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI). Basically, the Ampel-Coalition mentions the right tasks, but at the same time it only provides “a few concrete proposals for solutions”.

Russwurm rated positively, among other things, the goal of a modern state. But it is important to push ahead with the implementation “with great ambition”: “The announced decade of future investments must become a reality.” There was also praise for the planned reform of the EEG surcharge.

However, overall there was no convincing answer to the question of financing, the industry president continued. “A lot of tasks also mean a lot of expenses that the state has to face and for which there are a lot of question marks in terms of financial policy.” The renouncement of the “overdue” tax reform is disappointing.

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