ChatGPT Goes “Off the Rails”, Starts Giving Meaningless Replies

Popular artificial intelligence application ChatGPT briefly confused languages ​​and gave meaningless answers to questions. The problem was fixed in a short time.

Recently, OpenAI introduced a jaw-dropping new video production model. Sora had introduced. While this progress of artificial intelligence has been the issue that determined the agenda in the field for a while, ChatGPTfaced a problem that reminded us of how fragile these technologies can actually be.

ChatGPT confused people with meaningless answers

In the recent incident ChatGPT, turned the answers he gave to the questions into soup. Artificial intelligence has difficulty making meaningful sentences, Spanish-English He attracted attention with his confusing answers and constant use of repetitive words. Additionally, in some cases, ChatGPT may change the words it will use. he made it up himself.

Some users describe this situation as “a strange horrorWhile some users described the situation as ” artificial intelligences He compared it to the horror works he encountered. Users who make more grounded evaluations say that this situation is the result of artificial intelligence. text writing and coding He stated that it could weaken the belief that people can replace humans in this regard.

The problem was quickly fixed:

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