Celestron 21064 Astromaster 90EQ Telescope: Here are the Features

There are thousands of objects in space waiting to be discovered. However, a good telescope is essential to reach these objects. The telescope named “21064 Astromaster 90EQ”, launched by Celestron, has features that will meet all your needs and allow you to observe space like professionals.

Human history’s interest in space has never waned. Both experts in the field and amateurs have done countless studies on space. As you can imagine, it is an indispensable part of space-related research. telescopes. These devices, which have been used since the 1600s and used to observe space, are now much more advanced than before. Now to you, will allow you to explore all the depths of space We’re going to talk about a telescope model.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular telescope manufacturers in the world. Celestron. The company has made great contributions to the development of space photography and making space observations with the telescope models it has launched. of the company “21064 AstroMaster 90EQThe model named ” is the best, thanks to its features. Possibility to observe like professionals, even to amateur users offers. So what features does this telescope offer to consumers?

Introducing the Celestron 21064 AstroMaster 90EQ

The Celestron 21064 AstroMaster 90EQ features focal length of 1000mm It allows not only the sky to be watched, but also the earth to be watched when desired and suitable conditions are provided. The telescope, which comes with the adjustment circles named German Equatorial Mount, hoops thanks to It allows you to accurately detect the location of objects in space. It is also shipped mounted on the telescope. StarPointer device will be your greatest helper while witnessing the unique beauties of the sky. In addition to all this, the tripod with 1.25-inch steel legs allows you to place your telescope firmly and not have any stabilization problems. not to live will provide.

For those who say “What will happen if I buy it? I don’t know how to use it”…


Telescopes are often bought on a whim and then ignorance unusable due to. Here, Celestron 21064 AstroMaster 90EQ has a feature to eliminate this situation. When you purchase this telescope, you will receive a special of astronomy software You also own it. This software tells you how to find around 10 thousand space objects one by one. Also with this software printable sky maps and you also get 75 exclusive space views. So if you buy the Celestron 21064 AstroMaster 90EQ, you won’t be able to use it and put it aside.

If you’ve been looking for a telescope for a while, the Celestron 21064 AstroMaster 90EQ is definitely the one. may be a good choice. If you want to have detailed information about the telescope and buy the product, here You can use the link.

Celestron’s promotional video for the Astromaster EQ series telescopes

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